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Developer connection was kept very quiet


Kieran Bell’s article ‘Conservati­ve councillor responds to backlash over private employment’ (November 25), reported on the fact that Councillor Ross McWilliams did not declare his employment connection to CALA Homes prior to sitting on the planning committee for 80 new homes on the land south of Ray Mill Road East.

The applicatio­n was made by CALA Homes and Cllr McWilliams works for planning consultanc­y BECG, which has CALA Homes as a client.

Should Cllr McWilliams be allowed to vote on whether to adopt the Borough Local Plan (BLP) when it comes to full council?

CALA Homes is RBWM’s developmen­t partner for the green belt land of the golf course.

If the BLP is adopted, permission will be granted for 2,000 new flats and houses, obliterati­ng publicly owned greenspace and wildlife habitats, and making massive profits for CALA Homes.

Surely this is a conflict of interest?

DEBBIE LUDFORD Rushington Avenue


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