The real truth about ly­ing

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THE ver­bal and phys­i­cal signs of ly­ing are harder to de­tect than peo­ple be­lieve, a study has sug­gested.

Tests re­veal that peo­ple are skilled at iden­ti­fy­ing com­monly dis­played cues, such as hes­i­ta­tions and hand ges­tures, but these signs are ac­tu­ally pro­duced more of­ten when some­one is telling the truth, the re­search has dis­cov­ered.

Liars are also skilled at sup­press­ing these sig­nals to avoid de­tec­tion, re­searchers at the Uni­ver­sity of Ed­in­burgh found.

They said their study helps un­der­stand the psy­cho­log­i­cal dy­nam­ics that shape de­cep­tion.

Lead re­searcher Dr Martin Cor­ley, said: “The find­ings sug­gests that we have strong pre­con­cep­tions about the be­hav­iour as­so­ci­ated with ly­ing, which we act on al­most in­stinc­tively when lis­ten­ing to oth­ers.

“How­ever, we don’t nec­es­sar­ily pro­duce these cues when we’re ly­ing, per­haps be­cause we try to sup­press them.”

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