We need to stop peo­ple like Emma be­ing killed

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EMMA Gal­ton, the hit-and-run vic­tim killed in Hulme and fea­tured in last night’s BBC One doc­u­men­tary Am­bu­lance was a role model for thou­sands of young peo­ple.

One only has to look her Face­book page to see a beau­ti­ful, ar­tic­u­late, hard work­ing, well ed­u­cated, young lady with a pas­sion for val­ues in life sup­port­ing sev­eral causes from can­cer to re­pres­sion of a peo­ple.

She mixed in a cir­cle of fun-lov­ing friends and stu­dents, at­tended univer­sity to bet­ter her­self as a per­son and spoke Span­ish.

A com­plete and un­nec­es­sary waste of the life of a young lady with an as­sured fu­ture. Her fam­ily and friends can rest as­sured that Emma is in many peo­ple’s thoughts and our hearts go out to them all.

Then you have the dark side of so­ci­ety where there is a sec­tion of ‘do noth­ings’ who care not a jot for their ac­tions, they break all the rules and think they are above the law.

No one can un­der­stand the de­struc­tion and heart­break an un­ex­pected death brings to a fam­ily un­less it has hap­pened to them.

My own brother was killed in a hi­tand-run in­ci­dent. I for one, do not be­lieve that the boy who killed my brother in­ten­tion­ally went out to do it.

Once again, drugs and drink was the main fac­tor as the car mounted the pave­ment and threw my brother over many me­tres away. It crushed a phone box con­tain­ing two 13-yearold girls who luck­ily es­caped se­ri­ous in­jury.

The 19-year-old lad ran away and was ar­rested at home in bed in the early hours of the morn­ing and gave the po­lice a bar­rage of abuse for dis­turb­ing his sleep.

He banged the in­side of the po­lice van with his fists all the way to the sta­tion.

His sen­tence was three months in a young of­fend­ers in­sti­tute and a five year driv­ing ban.

The car was a pool car used by over 14 peo­ple, the usual no in­sur­ance etc and prob­a­bly un­fit for the road. The po­lice knew this ve­hi­cle and had stopped it many times pre­vi­ous to the in­ci­dent, had they done their job and im­pounded it, my brother would be alive to­day. Some­body has to get their act to­gether on this se­ri­ous is­sue.

It will never bring the in­no­cent vic­tims back but it might save fu­ture lives. RIP Miss Gal­ton. John Scott Manch­ester

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