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Manchester Evening News - - FRONT PAGE - By JOHN SCHEERHOUT

A JURY heard de­tails of a 999 call made by Sal­ford ‘Mr Big’ Paul Massey mo­ments after he had been fa­tally shot out­side his home.

The fa­ther-of-five, 55, man­aged to make four 999 calls from his mo­bile after he was gunned down but three of them lasted just a few sec­onds, his mur­der trial was told.

A tran­script of his fi­nal 999 call, last­ing 53 sec­onds, was read out to ju­rors, re­veal­ing how he told the call han­dler he had been shot and urg­ing them to ‘hurry up’ amid con­fu­sion about his home ad­dress.

His as­sas­sin fired 18 rounds at Mr Massey mo­ments after he stepped out of his BMW which he had parked out­side the gates of his de­tached home on Manch­ester Road in Clifton, Sal­ford, on the evening of July 25, 2015, ju­rors have been told.

He was said to have dived for cover be­hind bins as a gun­man fired at him with an au­to­matic weapon pos­si­bly an Uzi.

The al­leged gun­man, Mark Fel­lows, 38, from War­ring­ton, and his al­leged ‘spot­ter’ Steven Boyle, 35, from Hey­wood, both orig­i­nally from Sal­ford, deny mur­der­ing Mr Massey and his friend John Kin­sella, 53, from Liver­pool, three years later on May 5 this year.

Both vic­tims were said to have a ‘se­ri­ous crim­i­nal his­tory.’

The Crown says that Mr Fel­lows cy­cled to an area be­hind the com­mu­nity cen­tre op­po­site Mr Massey’s home and was dressed in com­bat gear as he went on foot to gun down Mr Massey.

The shoot­ing was part of a ‘war’ be­tween a gang called The A Team, with which Mr Massey was as­so­ci­ated, and an­other gang, ac­cord­ing to the prose­cu­tion.

On the sixth day of the trial at Liver­pool Crown Court, mem­bers of Mr Massey’s fam­ily walked out mid-way through the read­ing of the 999 tran­script by ju­nior pros­e­cu­tor Jaime Hamil­ton after hear­ing ap­par­ent con­fu­sion from the call-han­dler about the ad­dress. Op­er­a­tor: “Do you need fire or am­bu­lance?” Paul Massey: “Am­bu­lance. I have been shot.” Op­er­a­tor: “Am­bu­lance?” PM: “(House num­ber) Manch­ester Road Clifton. I’m out­side the house.” Op­er­a­tor: “Out­side the ad­dress?” PM: “(House num­ber) Manch­ester Road. I’ve been shot.” Op­er­a­tor: “OK, I will just find the ad­dress. Stay on the phone for me OK? Can you just re­peat it for me in full?” PM: “(House num­ber) Manch­ester Road.” Op­er­a­tor: “OK, what area is that in?” PM: “Clifton.” Op­er­a­tor: “In Pre­ston?” PM “Manch­ester (post­code).” Op­er­a­tor: “Is it Pre­ston?”

As this part of the tran­script was be­ing read out for the jury, some friends or fam­ily of Mr Massey tut­ted in the pub­lic gallery, got out of their seats and walked out of the court­room. PM: “Clifton. Clifton. Hurry up.” Op­er­a­tor: “That post­code again for me.” PM: “(Post­code).” Op­er­a­tor: “OK, stay on the line for me yeah?” PM: “Hurry up, he’s shot at (in­audi­ble).”

The court heard that at that point the call went dead. Armed po­lice were scram­bled and the ju­rors heard that when they ar­rived they found two men ‘clearly in shock’ – Thomas Jef­freys and Lee Taberer – stand­ing be­side Mr Massey, say­ing re­peat­edly ‘he’s gone.’ Mr Taberer had dried blood on his hands, the court was told.

The ju­rors were also read tran­scripts of voice­mails said to have been re­cov­ered from a phone at­trib­uted to John Kin­sella, who would be a pall-bearer at Mr Massey’s fu­neral. One mes­sage which was left at 8.12pm on the night of Mr Massey’s shoot­ing, said to have been de­liv­ered in a Liver­pool ac­cent, said: “Lee they won’t let me through the ****ing road­block lad. I’m here back at the pub, the Robin Hood. Come down would you?”

A sec­ond mes­sage de­liv­ered at 8.20pm, also in a Liver­pool ac­cent, said: “Tom, Louise is here. Get Tabbo and come down now.”

The court heard that the al­leged gun­man Mark Fel­lows was him­self shot, in the but­tock, as he cy­cled to­wards his then home on Nor­man­ton Av­enue in Sal­ford two weeks later. He was dis­charged from hospi­tal the fol­low­ing day.


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