It’s back to the fu­ture for gen­eral elec­tions...

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I AM 78 years old and have seen many gen­eral elec­tions. Boris John­son, when this week an­nounc­ing the Tory man­i­festo, stated that it in­cluded ‘a vi­sion for the fu­ture.’

Where is this fu­ture? In every man­i­festo in every gen­eral election this old ch­est­nut is trot­ted out.

In all th­ese years, lit­tle has im­proved sig­nif­i­cantly and we now see schools with­out the barest ne­ces­si­ties with par­ents hav­ing to sup­ply text books.

The NHS is in an ap­palling state, with what staff there is at break­ing point.

The pri­vati­sa­tion of trans­port – rail­ways and buses – has largely proved to be a fi­asco.

This ‘fu­ture’ never seems to ar­rive. Just look at the state the coun­try is in cur­rently. We need th­ese ben­e­fits now – not in some imag­i­nary fu­ture.

K Mur­phy, Stock­port

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