Ide­ol­ogy tried and failed

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I AP­PLAUD Joseph O’Neill’s clear and un­equiv­o­cal rea­sons why Jeremy Cor­byn as Prime Min­is­ter would be a na­tional dis­as­ter (View­points, Novem­ber 25).

Cor­byn’s warped al­le­giance to dic­ta­tors and ter­ror­ists claim­ing to be on the side of the down­trod­den, yet cause even greater suf­fer­ing, is ir­refutable.

Al­though he’s right that rad­i­cal change is needed, his ex­treme Marx­ist ide­ol­ogy has been tried and failed with se­ri­ous con­se­quences. Change can be im­ple­mented once we leave the Euro­pean Union and have a Gov­ern­ment di­rectly ac­count­able to UK vot­ers again; with­out def­er­ence to Brus­sels.

Mr Cor­byn avoids Brexit com­mit­ment while ramp­ing up jus­ti­fi­able dis­con­tent as he did in 2017, but this time a new leader is pro­mot­ing so­cial wel­fare as well as Brexit; with­out re­main par­lia­men­tary hin­drance.

Boris John­son has his faults, as the sanc­ti­mo­nious self-right­eous PC bri­gade are quick to point out, but if he is so evil, how was he over­whelm­ingly voted Mayor of Lon­don, twice?

There’s noth­ing like re­spon­si­bil­ity to curb feck­less in­cli­na­tions and he has sur­prised many by achiev­ing an ac­cept­able with­drawal agree­ment with the EU.

While Mr Cor­byn wob­bles on the fence with other politi­cians, cyn­i­cally ig­nor­ing the demo­cratic vote and de­spite doom­sters, Mr John­son projects an op­ti­mistic Bri­tish fu­ture.

We ur­gently need a Gov­ern­ment with a man­date to take re­spon­si­bil­ity and gov­ern. Re­gret­tably, as a pre­vi­ous Labour sup­porter I can only see the mod­i­fied Con­ser­va­tive Party pro­vid­ing the nec­es­sary lead­er­ship! Bill Ne­wham, Wors­ley

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