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JOSEPH O’Neill (View­points,

Novem­ber 25) tries to smear Jeremy Cor­byn by crit­i­cis­ing Cuba, which has one of the best health ser­vices in the world, lend­ing hun­dreds of doc­tors to coun­tries in need.

Cuba is still suf­fer­ing short­ages from decades of block­ades by the USA be­cause Cuba spread what lit­tle wealth and re­sources it had equally amongst the pop­u­la­tion.

Re­mem­ber that ra­tioning didn’t end in Britain for nine years after WWII and the pain was shared pretty much equally amongst the peo­ple. We re­mem­ber that Mar­garet Thatcher and the Con­ser­va­tives sup­ported the dic­ta­tor Pinochet who over­threw and mur­dered the pop­u­lar elected so­cial­ist gov­ern­ment in Chile. Com­pare this to Rus­sia after the fall of the Wall, where mil­lions lost out to the scram­ble for unimag­in­able wealth, much of which now sits in Lon­don and off-shore.

It is this level of in­equal­ity which has sky-rock­eted here in Britain un­der the Tory free-mar­ket greed for some and aus­ter­ity for most of us and which Jeremy Cor­byn wants to end. As the M.E.N. has pointed out, it is only one-in-20 of us who earn more than £80,000 a year.

If Labour poli­cies are good enough for suc­cess­ful in­clu­sive coun­tries which plan eco­nom­i­cally for the long-term, such as Scan­di­navia and Ger­many, then we need to vote for an end to short­ter­mism, aus­ter­ity and in­equal­ity in Britain. Old-timer, ad­dress sup­plied

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