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1. Which Ital­ian nav­i­ga­tor under the pa­tron­age of the Span­ish monar­chy ex­plored the Amer­i­cas?

A Sir Wal­ter Raleigh B James Cook C Christo­pher Columbus D Marco Polo

2. In which coun­try is the city of Rawalpindi?

A In­dia B Sri Lanka C Pak­istan D Bangladesh

3. Which great Bri­tish nov­el­ist formed a re­la­tion­ship with a young ac­tress called Ellen Ter­nan?

A Wil­liam Thack­eray B An­thony Trol­lope C Charles Kings­ley D Charles Dick­ens

4. Who won the 1997 Booker Prize for the novel The God of Small Things?

A Mar­garet At­wood B Sal­man Rushdie C Tim Lott D Arund­hati Roy

5. How many legs does a tick have?

A 12 B 6 C 8 D 4

6. Which song re­cently gave Lewis Ca­paldi his first num­ber one in the US, hav­ing topped the UK Chart ear­lier this year?

A Some­one You Loved B Some­one You Liked C Some­one You Hated D Some­one You Wanted

7. Which French states­man and diplo­mat rep­re­sented France at the Congress of Vi­enna in 1815?

A Tal­leyrand B Cle­menceau C Napoleon D De Gaulle

8. Who wrote the 1997 num­ber one song Per­fect Day?

A David Bowie B Fred­die Mer­cury C Louis Arm­strong D Lou Reed

9. Which as­tro­log­i­cal phe­nom­ena are found in mil­lions in the Oort cloud be­yond Pluto?

A Stars B Me­te­ors C Comets D As­ter­oids

10. Who played crime writer Made­laine Mag­el­lan; Jonathan Creek’s side­kick in the BBC 1 crime mys­tery se­ries?

A Caro­line Quentin B Pauline Quirke C Dawn French D Jen­nifer Saun­ders

11. In which US state is Palm Springs?

A Florida B Cal­i­for­nia C North Carolina D Ore­gon

12. Which fe­male R&B band re­leased an al­bum en­ti­tled EV3 in 1997?

A TLC B En Vogue C Des­tiny’s Child D All Saints

13. In which state is Jamestown, the first per­ma­nent English settlement in what is now the US?

A North Carolina B Vir­ginia C Florida D Ge­or­gia

14. Into how many con­stel­la­tions is the sky di­vided?

A 12 B 62 C 37 D 88

15. Which Bri­tish drama­tist wrote Ralph Rois­ter Dois­ter?

A Si­mon Uvedale B Nicholas Udall C Richard Udall D Ian Locher

Lewis Ca­paldi See Ques­tion 6.

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