Theft alert to driv­ers de­frost­ing their cars

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This hap­pens ev­ery year. It’s sim­ple – don’t leave a run­ning ve­hi­cle unat­tended! Laura Wors­ley

Also makes your in­sur­ance in­valid! Brenda Walsh

TBH I don’t even get out of my car without tak­ing the keys out – even if I’m just knock­ing on for some­one to give them a lift. So, why would you leave them in with your en­gine run­ning beats me! Louise Pear­son

Don’t leave your car unat­tended with the keys in the ig­ni­tion. If you don’t lis­ten then it’s your own fault. Most cars have a au­to­matic heat­ing sys­tem if you set that be­fore you get up the heat­ing will kick in and de­frost the win­dows au­to­mat­i­cally. Jack Her­nan­dez Shawcross

Same ev­ery year, don’t peo­ple lis­ten/read the warn­ings? Charles Parkin

Why would any­one do that, how stupid can you be?!! Chelsea King

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