Hang­ing on the phone costs us a for­tune!

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I WISH to ex­pose the un­ac­cept­able cost in try­ing to reach de­part­ments within most or­gan­i­sa­tions by tele­phone.

Af­ter many min­utes, your phone call may be an­swered but that’s when the charges be­gin.

We are then put on hold while the op­er­a­tor at­tempts to trans­fer and so on, to mu­sic... and then more mu­sic in­ter­rupted by ‘you are now num­ber 22 in the queue’ and then back to mu­sic again.

We then get a recorded mes­sage about the on­line ser­vice, which con­tin­ues to be re­peated through­out our con­tin­ual wait­ing. And so it goes on.

The cost of these calls be­comes phe­nom­e­nal and is to­tally un­ac­cept­able.

So, firstly, we need many more op­er­a­tors – and more in the Na­tional Health Ser­vice, lo­cal govern­ment and the like.

Also 0800 num­bers should be made com­pul­sory for or­gan­i­sa­tions fail­ing to an­swer and con­nect in an ac­cept­able time.

Then on re­ceiv­ing the bills from the phone com­pa­nies, they would re­alise the cost and time taken that cus­tomers have had to suf­fer in the past. I have re­cently can­celled a car in­sur­ance pol­icy be­cause of the in­abil­ity to con­tact by tele­phone.

John Bot­tom­ley, M11

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