Be­ware politi­cians who sell snake oil...

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AS all and sundry are now com­ment­ing on who’s bet­ter,fairer, more hon­est or ‘in touch,’ I think all par­ties should be ap­plauded for the way they have re­mained silent on one as­pect of Brexit which is, I be­lieve a ma­jor stum­bling block for our MPs – namely the gravy train.

You can, at the mo­ment, be the worst MP in the house but still re­tain the chance of grab­bing a mil­lion pound EU pen­sion.

Why is any politi­cian go­ing to give up that chance freely? I don’t be­lieve any politi­cian, be it in the up­per or lower house, can have an un­bi­ased view on the mat­ter as many are al­ready em­ployed by - and are af­fected by - the EU in some form. In­deed, I be­lieve the ob­sta­cles thrown in the way of Brexit are noth­ing to do with the coun­try’s fu­ture, they are in­stead politi­cians and lords look­ing at per­sonal gains or losses.

“Cries of ‘oh no,they wouldn’t’ – politi­cians know the facts about their fu­ture EU-funded life­styles, whereas no politi­cian knows the fu­ture of Bri­tons out­side the EU and quite frankly don’t care.

The worst thing about elec­tions is that the govern­ment al­ways gets in. We then find their prom­ises were ‘mis­un­der­stood’ by the ig­no­rant elec­torate and were not prom­ises but wishes. I’m a bit long in the tooth now to take no­tice of any politi­cian sell­ing snake oil.

I will in­stead vote the way I be­lieve is best for fu­ture generation­s. Alan Smith, Chad­der­ton

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