‘John­son’s prom­ises to Manch­ester be­fore the General Election’

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We won’t even get lip ser­vice now he has this win. Idi­otic to think oth­er­wise. More in­vest­ment for Lon­don and South East is the mantra. Mark McDon­ald

And you think this will hap­pen .... you fools who voted for him de­serve ev­ery­thing you get in the next 5 years, and for those of us that didn’t, I com­mis­er­ate. Dianne Roberts

I’m sur­prised he can even find Greater Manch­ester on a map. Na­talia Aleksandra

Time to hold him to ac­count then. Chris McG­lyn

Never mind HS3, sort North­ern. Joyce Bread­ney

Gonna have to do a lot more than Brexit. Lot of dis­con­tent out there. Shelly Haych

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