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1. What is the math­e­mat­i­cal term for an in­te­ger that is equal to the sum of all its fac­tors (ex­cept it­self)?

A Square num­ber B Whole num­ber C Rich num­ber D Per­fect num­ber

2. Who wrote the nov­els Emma and Per­sua­sion?

A Emily Bronte B Mrs Gaskell C Jane Austen D Char­lotte Bronte

3. In what year was Dr Crip­pen ex­e­cuted?

A 1900 B 1920 C 1910 D 1930

4. Which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment pro­duces a sound when a cur­rent of air passes over its strings?

A Glock­en­spiel B Xy­lo­phone C Jew’s harp D Ae­o­lian harp

5. How is the rose bay shrub oth­er­wise known?

A Ole­an­der B Min­ima Aurea C Ta­marisci­fo­lia D Pi­nus Mugo

6. Dwayne John­son has reprised his role as Dr. Smolder Brave­stone in which new film se­quel?

A Ju­manji: The Next Level B The Lego Movie 2: The Se­cond Part C How to Train your Dragon: The Hid­den World D Toy Story 4

7. Which me­dieval Ital­ian writer is chiefly known for the col­lec­tion of tales known as the De­cameron and for On Fa­mous Women?

A Gio­vanni Boc­cac­cio B Luigi Boc­cac­cio C Gianni Boc­cac­cio D Gianni Rossi

8. What is the Jewish re­li­gion called?

A Ju­daism B Is­lam C Chris­tian­ity D He­brew

9. What is the ker­nel of the tree Myris­tica fra­grans called?

A Cumin B Nut­meg C Pa­prika D Pep­per

10. Which coun­try was or­dered to pay repa­ra­tions to the value of 6.6 bil­lion pounds af­ter their ac­tions in war?

A Rus­sia B Ja­pan C Ger­many D USA

11. Who ab­di­cated as king of Ro­ma­nia in 1940?

A Carol II B Ni­cholas II C Ed­ward III D Ste­fan I

12. What sort of crea­ture is an orfe?

A A cow B An an­te­lope C A ro­dent D A fish

13. Which Bri­tish philoso­pher was awarded the No­bel prize for lit­er­a­ture in 1950?

A Ben­jamin Rex B Ber­trand Rus­sell C Brian Robin­son D Bog­art Rayner

14. Who had a num­ber one hit sin­gle in 1970 with Grandad?

A Clive Frank B Clive Butcher C Clive Roberts D Clive Dunn

15. Who pre­sented the game show Chain Let­ters?

A David Bowie B David Lee Ray C David Robin­son D David Spikey

Dwayne John­son See Ques­tion 6.

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