Our as­trologer CLAIRE PETULENGRO ex­am­ines what the com­ing year has in store

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ARIES March 21-April 20

■ HEALTH: Try to con­serve your en­ergy as you be­gin 2020. You may not re­alise it, but you have spent so long in re­cent months, giv­ing your time and worth to oth­ers, that you have for­got­ten how to walk through life. Slow paces bring bet­ter ro­man­tic op­por­tu­nity.

■ LOVE: Although you start 2020 with the same strained re­la­tions that you en­tered the New Year, you very quickly re­gain con­trol. You learn to live and let live and by mid Fe­bru­ary you feel and look dif­fer­ent. It’s the year to dare to ask for what YOU re­ally want, my friend. ■ MONEY: With your house or work fac­ing big changes, you won’t get to find out un­til the sum­mer if you’re in or out of credit. Life changes do that to an Aries. Re­mem­ber this year what you want and not just what oth­ers are will­ing to pay you.

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CAN­CER June 22-July 23

■ HEALTH: A stronger crab has emerged af­ter last week’s dra­mas.

You feel more aware of the fact that your body is there to serve you and must not be abused, (is this be­cause of a close one?) Things you sign up for in sum­mer amaze even you.

■ LOVE: You get more qual­ity time with some­one spe­cial this year, as some­one you never trusted from the start dis­ap­pears and no longer has an in­flu­ence on them.

■ MONEY: A bet­ter fi­nan­cial at­ti­tude you adopt from March helps you to plan big­ger and bet­ter than you have in years. Be­ware of lend­ing money to so called friends around June. Were they friends to you be­fore they asked?

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LIBRA Sept 24-Oct 23

■ HEALTH: Lit­tle steps have led to big changes. You have be­gun to have more self worth and to take more care of your­self. You find ways to make choices with you as a pri­or­ity.

Real friends are re­vealed in May and life takes on a more en­joy­able feel, and is here to stay.

■ LOVE: You will never see eye to eye with a cer­tain close one, how­ever, in 2020 you be­gin to re­alise that you have less time ahead with them than you have al­ready had. This lifts your spir­its and brings out your naughty side in Oc­to­ber.

■ MONEY: Try not to spend money you don’t have. You would be far bet­ter sav­ing for the of­fers which you can­not see, but which are just around the cor­ner. Friends help you to save with money-mak­ing schemes from June, tai­lored around your liv­ing. ■ Call 09050 700 388 (75p/min) for more.

TAURUS April 21-May 21

■ HEALTH: The Full Moon on

Jan­uary 24 forces you to reval­u­ate all that is not healthy about your life.

By July, you are in full swing to a hap­pier and health­ier Tau­rean.

■ LOVE: The Sun fills you with the knowl­edge of who is good for your life and who has been tak­ing ad­van­tage of you. From March you no longer suf­fer fools gladly. Even those who have been in ‘safe’ long-term re­la­tion­ships will be ter­mi­nat­ing what no longer suits them!

■ MONEY: The chance to make quick money, could well turn into a longer term com­mit­ment than you wanted, and harder to get out of than you thought. Go for the job you want, not the fi­nan­cial ap­peal of those who ‘need’ you. ■ Call 09050 700 383 (75p/min) to find out more.

LEO July 24-Aug 23

■ HEALTH: As long as you re­mem­ber to pace your­self, then you will feel 10 years younger in 2020.

You don’t have time to think about how you feel, you’re too busy know­ing you feel great. Don’t let an ex be a friend, who you know wants dif­fer­ent. Your health de­pends on it.

■ LOVE: You made some firm steps for­ward last year, so why would you even think about go­ing back to the past? Try to re­mem­ber how elated you felt when you took con­trol. Novem­ber sees a change of where you live for love and at last, for you.

■ MONEY: Try not to be too force­ful when deal­ing with oth­ers in fi­nan­cial af­fairs this year. Your dreams are not nec­es­sar­ily the dreams of oth­ers, and you must al­low your loved one to run their path along­side yours, if you are both to be truly happy. ■ Call 09050 700 386 (75p/min) for more.

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22

■ HEALTH: You go through stages, dear friend, of tak­ing care of your­self and then se­verely ne­glect­ing your­self. It de­pends on how full your heart is. This year you have sev­eral close ones to tell you how much you’re loved. Use this em­pow­er­ment to cut off the neg­a­tive.

■ LOVE: Your taste in love is chang­ing, and

I mean in the way you want to live your per­sonal life. For a while in the past you didn’t have a life. Now you have, you’re go­ing to live it and with a ma­jor event this sum­mer which proves you’re in to­tal con­trol again.

■ MONEY: You didn’t get the help you wanted from loved one’s last year, so this year you are tak­ing con­trol of your own af­fairs. You also have Saturn sup­port­ing you, so you know you de­serve it. This is the year you make your­self a more fi­nan­cially sta­ble, Scorpio, and not a mo­ment too soon!

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GEMINI May 22-June 21

■ HEALTH: Your rul­ing planet

Mer­cury sees you tak­ing two steps for­ward and one step back with health and men­tally re­build­ing is­sues.

But hey, it’s bet­ter than go­ing back­wards. Use June and Au­gust to change what you need to about where you live. A bet­ter you will fol­low.

■ LOVE: Your emo­tions had more twists and turns than the Spaghetti Junc­tion last year. This year you are feel­ing like a bet­ter and stronger ver­sion of you. Those who tried to knock you down have made you stronger. Ready for a pro­posal for a new life in Oc­to­ber? You should be!

■ MONEY: Just be­cause you have more free­dom fi­nan­cially this year, does not mean that you should spend. This is your chance to re­ally save for a spe­cial change. Chase your dreams and act with wis­dom. Suc­cess is yours if you do.

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VIRGO Aug 24-Sept 23

■ HEALTH: You feel fit­ter and stronger this year, but only be­cause you work at it. No longer do you see the need to hurt your­self be­cause you are hurt­ing. New out­lets you choose, be­come a big­ger and more reg­u­lar part of your fu­ture rou­tine than you cur­rently re­alise. ■ LOVE: Many of your sign have the prob­lems of re­la­tion­ship tim­ings. Pa­tience is some­thing you can find this year easier than oth­ers. So, play the wait­ing game but don’t lose your dig­nity. Be­ing wise, will get you what you want.

■ MONEY: If you ig­nore fi­nan­cial strains, then the worry will dig away at you. You are not a sign to hide from things, you work at them. In­vest­ing with oth­ers is worth wait­ing for, once you know you’ve got your­self in­de­pen­dently where you want to be.

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SAGITTARIU­S Nov 23-Dec 21

■ HEALTH: With more travel in your chart than usual this year, it will be up to you to make sure you look af­ter your health. You’re a highly strung sign, so choose a per­sonal pas­sion, which equals your pas­sion for pro­fes­sional suc­cess this year. It’s the key to your longevity. ■ LOVE: Mixed sig­nals at the end of the year, see you en­ter­ing 2020 with the de­ci­sion to do things your way from now on. This works well for you and with Mars and Venus bat­ting for your side, you’re sure to have more of­fers this year, than you have in the last five! ■ MONEY: You get the chance to earn money from more av­enues than ever be­fore. It ap­pears a so­cial link you opened up with pro­fes­sional ties has given you the chance to re­ally spread your wings. Just don’t make prom­ises you can’t keep.

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CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20)

■ HEALTH: Pluto makes it hard for you to dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween your true feel­ings and the emo­tions of oth­ers. Make 2020 the year you step back from your re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to oth­ers and find you again. A hap­pier and health­ier fu­ture is wait­ing if you do.

■ LOVE: I know you re­gret the past, but with­out what hap­pened you would not be able to make the bet­ter choices now. Your stan­dards are back up where they be­long, but so is your pro­tec­tive shell. Let­ting it down in June and July can change ev­ery­thing.

■ MONEY: Sav­ing for some­thing you are not yet aware of is hard, but make sure you build a nest egg this year. By the end of this sum­mer, your travel plans will need as much fi­nan­cial back­ing as they can pos­si­bly get.

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AQUAR­IUS Jan 21-Feb 19)

■ HEALTH: A bet­ter rou­tine is es­tab­lished from June, although it’s not with­out teething prob­lems. You al­ways turn a neg­a­tive into a pos­i­tive and you take these lessons’ to be more in con­trol of work and play this year, than ever be­fore. ■ LOVE: The past is on your mind, as Pluto tries to drive home the fact that you’re not in­vin­ci­ble. How wrong he is, as Mars helps you learn to wear your scars as a sign of courage. Love with your whole heart. ■ MONEY: Keep busi­ness and fi­nan­cial dis­cus­sions sep­a­rate or emo­tions could be­come in­volved, es­pe­cially in April and Septem­ber!

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PISCES Feb 20-March 20

■ HEALTH: Yes, Pisces, this is the year you fi­nally lis­ten to your body!

You kick start Jan­uary with you in mind, and I have to say, it’s about time. Don’t let fam­ily is­sues, rile you in Fe­bru­ary. You don’t have to be a part of what’s oc­cur­ring, do you? Re­mem­ber your plan?

■ LOVE: Health­ier re­la­tion­ships emerge in 2020. It’s as if you find your self worth again from Fe­bru­ary and you’re def­i­nitely putting them into play by April with ul­ti­ma­tums, you will not be back­ing down from.

■ MONEY: You’re try­ing to work out which close ones are friends and which are foes. You do this through mone­tary tests this year, par­tic­u­larly in May and those who don’t have your back fi­nan­cially or oth­er­wise, will no longer have you to sup­port their causes.

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