When should Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions come down?

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I store mine in my spare bed­room so ev­ery time I go up­stairs from Box­ing Day on­wards I take a few dec­o­ra­tions up with me! Slowly they are all dis­ap­pear­ing from down­stairs lol. Bar­bara Lee Compton

NYE! I have this thing that if they are up any longer then they would have been up twice in 1 year and my anx­i­ety doesn’t like that! Char­lotte Flint

By tra­di­tion it’s twelve days be­fore and twelve days af­ter so should come down on the 6th years ago it was said to cause bad luck all year if you took them down be­fore then. I get round it by putting none up at all. Jo­hanne Roach

Mine came down on the 27th as my lit­tle boy’s birthday is Box­ing Day and he was due back from his dad’s on the 28th. Made his birthday feel spe­cial and not merged into Christ­mas. Donna Groarke

Up on the 12 day be­fore Christ­mas Day, down on the 12 day af­ter Christ­mas Day which is the 6th of Jan­uary. Julie Downey

Putting them up in Novem­ber to take down on Box­ing Day is crazy.

They should go up mid De­cem­ber come down on 6th Jan­uary af­ter the epiphany. Pete Bell

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