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1. What name was given to the two mag­is­trates who held supreme civil and mil­i­tary author­ity un­der the Ro­man Repub­lic?

A Em­per­ors B Con­suls C Le­gion­aires D Sen­a­tors

2. In which sea can the is­land group known as the Spo­rades be found?

A The Caspian Sea B The Black Sea C The Aegean Sea D The Bar­ents Sea

3. What is the tra­di­tional num­ber of witches in a coven?

A Twelve B Thir­teen C Seven D Twenty-one

4. Which nat­u­ral phe­nom­ena are mea­sured on the Richter scale?

A Hur­ri­canes B Earth­quakes C Vol­ca­noes D Tsunamis

5. Which Bri­tish group’s third al­bum was called Be Here Now?

A Blur B Cast C The Light­ning Seeds D Oa­sis

6. What is the ti­tle of the third and fi­nal film in the Star Wars se­quel tril­ogy which stars Daisy Ri­d­ley and Adam Driver?

A Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker B Star Wars: The Fall of Skywalker C Star Wars: The Start of Skywalker D Star Wars: The End of Skywalker

7. Which politi­cian and jour­nal­ist wrote the se­ries of es­says col­lected as Ru­ral Rides?

A Matthew Cob­bett B Si­mon Cob­bett C Wil­liam Cob­bett D Michael Cob­bett

8. Which Bri­tish con­sular of­fi­cial and Ir­ish na­tion­al­ist was hanged for trea­son in 1916?

A Roger Case­ment B Michael Collins C Charles Par­nell D Robert Peel

9. What sort of in­sects are aedes?

A Lo­custs B Mos­qui­toes C Bees D Wasps

10. The colón is the na­tional cur­rency of which coun­try?

A Costa Rica B Egypt C Thai­land D Aus­tria

11. Which film star was born Mar­garita Car­men Cansino?

A Rita Hay­worth B Judy Gar­land C Deb­o­rah Kerr D Shirley Maclaine

12. Which fa­mous Bri­tish se­cret agent was cre­ated by Ian Flem­ing?

A Cor­ri­gan B In­di­ana Jones C James Bond D Mr Brown

13. In Greek mythol­ogy, who was the chief god of the sea iden­ti­fied with the Ro­man Nep­tune?

A Pluto B Zeus C Po­sei­don D Hades

14. Which colour­less liq­uid, once used as an anaes­thetic, is also called trichlorom­ethane?

A Chlo­ro­form B Al­co­hol C Methanol D Ethanol

15. What name is given to the small bones that make up the spine?

A Lum­bar B Ver­te­brae C Ven­tri­cles D Tho­rax

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