Manch­ester stu­dent con­victed of at­tacks on 48 men - but po­lice be­lieve there may be 200 vic­tims ‘Psy­chopath’ preyed on drunken rev­ellers and drugged them in his city cen­tre flat Now sex mon­ster who filmed his at­tacks is start­ing a life sen­tence in jail

Manchester Evening News - - FRONT PAGE - By BETH ABBIT [email protected]

A MANCH­ESTER stu­dent who raped up to 200 men has been ex­posed as Bri­tain’s worst rapist and jailed for life.

Reyn­hard Si­naga lured drunk men to his city apart­ment at Mon­tana House, Princess Street, be­fore drug­ging them, a se­ries of Manch­ester Crown Court tri­als has heard. The 36-year-old - de­scribed as a ‘psy­chopath’ by po­lice - has now been con­victed of rap­ing 48 men, aged 17 to 36, over two-and-a-half years. De­tec­tives be­lieve the true num­ber of vic­tims is at least 195. Only now, af­ter the last trial, can the full shock­ing story be told...

THE teenager wakes up on the bath­room floor, face down with a strange weight on the back of his thighs.

As the men­tal fog clears, a se­ries of re­al­i­sa­tions, each more fright­en­ing than the last, hit him in rapid suc­ces­sion.

He’s in a stranger’s flat. His jeans and pants are down. A naked man is straddling him.

Hours ear­lier, this man, Reyn­hard Si­naga, had seemed like a kindly stranger – a small, trendily-dressed man of­fer­ing help to a boy who had lost his friends.

The teenager had been sit­ting on some steps near Fac­tory night­club when Si­naga ap­proached.

“You can call your friends from my place”, the stranger had sug­gested, when the lad told him his predica­ment. Now, the teenager has to wres­tle free from Si­naga’s grasp.

Many other young men have been in this city cen­tre flat.

Lured back to the one-bed apart­ment at Mon­tana House by Si­naga’s well prac­tised, twisted ‘Good Sa­mar­i­tan’ rou­tine, and then, af­ter slip­ping, mys­te­ri­ously, into a state more like un­con­scious­ness than sleep, wak­ing up dis­ori­ented hours later.

But this young man is dif­fer­ent. None of the oth­ers have wo­ken up while Si­naga was in the process of rap­ing them.

None of the oth­ers ac­tu­ally know, the way that he knows, that they have fallen prey to a beast.

And Reyn­hard Si­naga is not used to his prey fight­ing back.

As he is thrown to the floor, it’s the preda­tor who screams for help.

“Help, help”, Si­naga shrieks.

“In­truder, in­truder!”

Si­naga be­comes even more des­per­ate when he sees the teenager grab his iPhone in the con­fu­sion.

That iPhone charts, in graphic de­tail, one of the most dis­turb­ing episodes in Bri­tish crim­i­nal history, the poi­son­ings and rapes of up to 200 men.

“Hello, erm, I’ve just, I was out last night and then erm some guy’s took me to his house that I don’t want to take me to, wouldn’t let me leave his house, and he ended up try­ing to rape me”, the boy tells the op­er­a­tor, min­utes later.

Hav­ing run from the apart­ment in a panic, he is mak­ing the 999 call that will trig­ger an ex­tra­or­di­nary in­ves­ti­ga­tion - one that will re­veal that a rapist has been stalk­ing Manch­ester’s club­land for years, at­tack­ing males aged from 17 to 36 af­ter knock­ing them out with drugs.

Within min­utes, po­lice ar­rive at the city cen­tre apart­ment block that is des­tined to be­come the cen­tre of a ma­jor in­quiry.

The teenager points up­stairs to Flat 11 where of­fi­cers find Reyn­hard Si­naga, an ori­en­tal man in his midthir­ties, slumped on the floor be­tween the bath­room and the hall­way, slip­ping in and out of con­scious­ness.

In a scene cap­tured on CCTV, Si­naga is stretchere­d from his own home. Medics fear he has suf­fered a bleed on the brain.

Mean­while, the teenager is ar­rested on sus­pi­cion of caus­ing griev­ous bod­ily harm with in­tent.

But, as he is hand­cuffed, about to be taken to Longsight po­lice sta­tion to be in­ter­viewed, he hands over a white iPhone 4.

I was out last night and then, erm, some guy’s took me to his house that I don’t want to take me to, wouldn’t let me leave and he ended up try­ing to rape me

The 999 call which sig­nalled the end of Si­naga’s reign of ter­ror

This smart­phone will prove to be the most vi­tal piece of ev­i­dence in the big­gest rape in­ves­ti­ga­tion Bri­tain has ever seen.

A badly-in­jured Si­naga is rushed to Manch­ester Royal In­fir­mary by am­bu­lance. He isn’t fit to speak to of­fi­cers un­til the fol­low­ing day.

When he fi­nally comes around know­ing the truth about his own crimes - the se­rial rapist asks a nurse a chilling ques­tion.

“What hap­pened? Was I raped?” Si­naga then asks for his mo­bile phone, and so of­fi­cers re­trieve a black iPhone 6 from un­der his bed at his flat.

Like the white iPhone 4 al­ready in the hands of the po­lice, handed to them by the teenager they have ar­rested, the black phone also holds some deeply dis­turb­ing se­crets.

In­deed, when of­fi­cers ask Si­naga to pro­vide the PIN for the black iPhone he re­peat­edly gives the wrong code. They per­sist and he fi­nally gives in. And, when they have ac­cess to the de­vice, of­fi­cers are con­fronted with a shock­ing video - a home movie of Si­naga rap­ing the teenager whose fight­back has put him in hos­pi­tal.

At 3.52pm on June 3, 2017, Reyn­hard Si­naga, a PhD stu­dent and churchgoin­g Chris­tian, is ar­rested on sus­pi­cion of a sin­gle count of rape.

He is kept hand­cuffed to his hos­pi­tal bed and un­der po­lice guard un­til two days later, when he is well enough to be dis­charged and in­ter­viewed by de­tec­tives.

In the hours be­tween, po­lice be­gan to scour his tiny stu­dent flat.

Door­way to hell: Si­naga’s hall­way

Si­naga’s white iPhone 4 handed over by the vic­tim

Sev­eral other mo­bile phones found in flat

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