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I AM not a Brexit Party sup­porter (I have pre­vi­ously had let­ters pub­lished here con­firm­ing that I did not vote for them) but none­the­less I feel that B. Rideau’s let­ter at­tack­ing the north-west MEP Hen­rik Over­gaard-Nielsen was mean­spir­ited and un­fair (View­points, Jan­uary 10).

The Brexit Party and UKIP be­fore it have long been cas­ti­gated as ‘xeno­pho­bic.’ Yet when the Brexit Party tries to show its open­ness by pro­mot­ing a for­eign-born mem­ber, it is at­tacked for al­low­ing in an im­mi­grant!

It seems that they’re not al­lowed to win - they re­spond to one crit­i­cism, only for an­other to be in­vented. Op­po­nents seem to be work­ing back­wards – as­sume he’s wrong first, then find a rea­son why af­ter­wards.

The rest of B. Rideau’s let­ter at­tack­ing Over­gaard-Nielsen’s fam­ily for hav­ing links to Europe are also be­sides the point and an ex­am­ple of so much of the mis­in­for­ma­tion that drowns our mod­ern pol­i­tics to­day.

Brexit is not an all-or-noth­ing pro­posal as B. Rideau is por­tray­ing it – the EU and Europe are not the same thing and re­la­tions with Europe will change but they won’t end.

There are more op­tions than an ei­ther/or of “com­pletely open borders where any­one can wan­der in” and “to­tal bunker iso­la­tion”. Par­lia­ment wouldn’t have been ar­gu­ing over with­drawal agree­ments for years if that wasn’t the case.

Robert Frazer, Sal­ford

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