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Humbug finds a home after 10 YEARS at rescue centre



A DOG who is scared of strangers has finally found a home after almost a decade at an animal rescue centre.

Humbug was the longeststa­nding resident at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, near Ramsbottom, Bury, before he was finally adopted this month. The black and white Akita-cross was born at the site in 2014 and was rehomed along with his siblings.

However, the nervous pooch was swiftly returned to the animal shelter as he was afraid of strangers. He then struggled to find another home as he ‘had insecuriti­es and phobias so needed training and a patient owner,’ according to Bleakholt.

During his lengthy stay there, Humburg become a firm favourite among staff and volunteer dog walkers.

But earlier this month, he finally found a permanent home after being adopted by dog lovers Ken Marsh and Sandra Rothwell. Ken has had dogs from Bleakholt before and, after his last dog Herbie died on December 22, he decided it was time for another.

“Humbug is my seventh dog from Bleakholt,” said Ken, who lives in Barnoldswi­ck, Lancashire. “I went to get Herbie fiveand-a-half years ago and asked for the dog that had been there longest.

“When Herbie died, I went to Bleakholt and asked again for the one who had been there the longest and also looked at a few others.

“We went home and talked about it and decided on Humbug. It’s the longest I have ever been without a dog since I was 21 years old so it was good to pick up Humbug.

“It’s so far, so good. He loves his squeaky toys and he is a slow walker – I have a 25-minute walk to the canal which takes me 45 minutes with Humbug!

“He has two beds – one downstairs and one upstairs – and he has settled in well. It’s a pleasure to have him.”

Karen Weed, manager at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, added: “We are all ecstatic Humbug has found a home. All our staff and volunteers love him so much. Kennel carer Michelle cared for Humbug for his whole stay at Bleakholt.

“He was such a popular character at Bleakholt and it’s so fantastic when people see the potential in a harder to home dog. Ken and Sandra have homed seven of our dogs so we know he will have the best life and he fully deserves it.”

 ?? ?? Humbug has now found a home with Ken Marsh and his partner Sandra Rothwell, inset
Humbug has now found a home with Ken Marsh and his partner Sandra Rothwell, inset

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