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Hollywood block BUST



TENANTS of a housing associatio­n say their homes have been left with a long list of repairs.

People living in Hollywood Towers and Durham House in Edgeley claim that Stockport Homes have not taken their concerns about the problems seriously.

The housing associatio­n is the borough’s biggest landlord and manages thousands of homes on behalf of Stockport council.

Christine Smith, 70, who lives in Hollywood Towers on Hardman Street, said: “All the services are tissue thin. They have spent a lot of money on this building doing arty things but we don’t want it.

“We have a bin at the back which is constantly full, people come round and dump their things there. We get forgotten about.

“We have security gates that people just take the locks off. It’s not just this block, it’s other blocks too. The entrance system has been broken since before Christmas.

“Fire doors don’t close – one in this block has not been fixed since 2020.

“They get at least £800 per week just from this block for the concierge service which we don’t need. It’s a cash cow and they are making money on it.”

Stockport Homes also came under fire before Christmas for conditions at the Lancashire Hill estate in Reddish, where tenants spoke about repairs being left unfixed for long periods.

It is facing pressure to provide enough housing for the growing numbers of people in Stockport looking for affordable accommodat­ion. Currently, it has around 6,000 on its housing waiting list.

Beryl Davenport, 66, who lives in Durham House, said: “They put my new heating system in and it’s not worked properly since. I’m lucky if I get two or three inches of hot water in the bath.

“I’ve lived here for 36 years and never had a problem with it until now. A pipe burst and was not repaired for 10 weeks.

“The building is theirs but it’s my home, but I can’t get that through to them.”

Residents from Hollywood Towers raised more issues at Stockport council’s last meeting on January 11. They claimed tenants are struggling with a number of problems in the block but that the housing associatio­n “will not listen” to them.

Councillor­s from the Edgeley Community Associatio­n (ECA) have been raising concerns. Coun Asa Caton said: “All residents want to see is a decent level of service and a robust process by which they can report issues and see them resolved in a reasonable timeframe.

“Stockport Homes should not be surprised by any of this.

“I have been working with SHG [Stockport Homes Group] since early 2023 to try to address the issues but I don’t see any real improvemen­t. This is why the ECA believe it is time for a wider review.”

Stockport Homes said it has held listened to residents and councillor­s.

A spokesman said: “Significan­t investment has been made into these blocks in recent years to improve them and this continues, together with a range of opportunit­ies for residents to contact SHG with any issues or concerns.

“This includes onsite meetings, estate walkabouts and an easily accessible complaints process. We will continue to work with residents here and further meetings have been arranged at Hollywood Towers and York Street.”

They added: “A large heating upgrade is currently under way at the York Street flats including Durham House to improve the energy efficiency of the system.

“A team is on site to address any issues that arise and to assist residents in operating the new system. We are aware of the leak at the property and this was addressed quickly by the onsite team.

“We have been liaising with resident and agreed to compensate for any damaged caused for which we apologise.”

 ?? ?? Hollywood Towers, Stockport, and, inset right, a damaged entrance gate
Hollywood Towers, Stockport, and, inset right, a damaged entrance gate
 ?? ?? Residents say rubbish is being dumped but not cleared
Residents say rubbish is being dumped but not cleared

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