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Drunken jet row woman ‘Nazi’ jibe at airport cop


- By AMY WALKER @MENnewsdes­k

A WOMAN downed four double vodkas before her flight to Rhodes because she was suffering from ‘flight anxiety.’

Jessica Chance, 37, and her sister were on the TUI flight from Manchester Airport when the police were called to Terminal 2. They found Chance at the bottom of the boarding stairs.

She was trying to get back onto the plane after being asked to leave and was struggling with staff, Manchester Crown Court heard. As police tried to get her into a police van she was verbally abusive, calling one a ‘Nazi.’

Chance later admitted an offence of entering an aircraft when drunk and said she had drunk the vodka due to her fear and anxiety about flying.

On September 15 last year, police were called to the stationary flight after other passengers had complained about Chance’s ‘rowdy and loud’ behaviour. As officers arrived, she was struggling with staff at the bottom of the plane’s boarding stairs.

“Cabin staff said other passengers had told her to get off the plane, and after she got off the plane, she was trying to get back in,” Tobias Collins, prosecutin­g , said.

Chance had to be put in handcuffs before she was placed in the back of a police van to stop her from running onto the airfield, it was said.

Her ‘drunken’ behaviour continued, as she was abusive towards officers and used a derogatory slur towards one.

Mitigating for Chance, who was said to have no previous conviction­s or cautions, Ian Metcalfe said she had gone to her GP to seek a prescripti­on due to a high level of anxiety about flying. She was suffering with mental health problems at the time for which she was prescribed medication, the court heard.

“The GP was no longer issuing prescripti­ons for that particular cause. She, therefore, assumed she was able to pick something up at the airport to pacify her, but nothing was available,” Mr Metcalfe said.

“She confessed to self medicating by drinking too much vodka.”

He said there was no risk of harm by her behaviour at the time, and she has since been dismissed from her job as a result of the court case.

Sentencing, Recorder Jennifer Cleeve said: “For passengers to reach a point that they have to complain about your behaviour, it shows that it must have caused some concern.

“You had drunk four double vodkas and some lager to assist with your anxiety. You drank an obscene amount of alcohol, this was not an attempt to ‘take the edge off.’ However, you do not present a risk or danger to the public.”

Chance, of Meadowfiel­ds Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, was given a four-week prison sentence which was suspended for a year. She was also ordered to complete 120 hours unpaid work.

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