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Callous flytippers dump pile of rubbish at cemetery gates


RESIDENTS have been left outraged after a large pile of rubbish was found dumped at the front of a cemetery.

The mess was first noticed by residents living close to Gorton Cemetery and is the latest in a number of incidents of rubbish being dumped throughout the area.

The latest tipping at the cemetery has been labelled as ‘disgusting’ and ‘despicable.’

Residents are now fighting back against the illegal dumpers – including starting a litter-picking team.

Sandra Kaur, 31, who lives next to the cemetery, said: “When I saw the garbage outside the entrance I couldn’t believe it.

“I have friends who have people buried in that area and for someone to think it’s acceptable to dump that much rubbish outside a cemetery is absolutely disgracefu­l.

“Who would do something like this? Who do you think you are? I’m raging and so are some other neighbours. This is a place of respect and where the dead are resting.

“I had a look around the garbage and saw so much different stuff, a toilet seat, bags of manure and compost, leather straps, have some shame.”

The rubbish has now been reported and will be removed as soon as possible by Manchester council.

Vandals have also been on the rampage in the cemetery recently.

One mum discovered her daughter’s grave had been vandalised – with flowers torn and lights around the headstone snapped off and visible footprints on a cross attached.

A member of the Gorton community said: “I read the report on the grave being defiled a few weeks ago and now this? What the hell is going on? This is sick and evil. We need to find out who is doing this.

“It’s becoming more worrying because this never happened in the past. Yes people stole, flytipped and other bad stuff but doing this at a cemetery?

“I have no doubt it’s those who are younger so their parents really need to sort them out. It’s the younger generation thinking they can just come and do stuff like this without repercussi­ons.

Residents of Gorton have now rallied together on social media to help put an end to the flytipping.

Coun Lee-Ann Igbon, executive member for vibrant neighbourh­oods said: “It is disgracefu­l that someone had the gall not only to flytip a significan­t amount of waste, but to do it in proximity to a cemetery.

“I would like to say that we will do our utmost to track down the perpetrato­r and bring them to justice. As a council we work hard to investigat­e all acts of reported flytipping and remove them as swiftly as possible.

“If anyone in the community has any informatio­n about who may have done this I would urge them to contact us, or anonymousl­y contact Crimestopp­ers.”

 ?? ?? A large pile of rubbish has been dumped outside Gorton Cemetery
A large pile of rubbish has been dumped outside Gorton Cemetery
 ?? ?? Residents are furious that rubbish has been flytipped outside the cemetery
Residents are furious that rubbish has been flytipped outside the cemetery

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