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HULMES Wood, nestled on the banks of the River Tame, is a muchloved refuge for the people of Denton and beyond, a beautiful green respite from the hurly-burly of daily life.

But now there is another rather curious attraction - trees festooned with bras and knickers. Because someone - it appears with the help of a potato - has been hurling the undergarme­nts up into the boughs just for the hell of it.

And it’s got people, well, in stitches. And more than a little confused. Just who is the phantom panty chucker? And why?

When the Manchester Evening News went to check it out, it was easily the strangest, err, brief of the day. We found six trees - each one with either a bra or a pair of knickers hanging from a branch.

Even more curiously one of them - a white sports bra - was attached to a potato, which appears to have been used to help propel the flimsy garment as far up the tree as possible.

Hanging from nearby trees were knickers - we counted three pairs - and a fetching pink bra.

As our photograph­er was taking pictures, one passer-by commented ‘they look salvageabl­e to me’ although exactly who would be willing to give them a home given their uncertain history is anyone’s guess. When pictures of the frilly knickers were posted on the Denton Community Group Facebook page, it was a cue for many of the page’s 26,000 members to have a bit of a laugh, either joke that they were the owners of the abandoned garments or claim they belonged to an unwitting, and probably innocent, friend.

“It’s weird. “Gives me the creeps!! Noticed it a while back,” wrote one. “Looks like someone’s washing line has been snapped and blown away,” said another.

“Someone’s got a bit frisky,” was another comment.

But nowhere was there any credible explanatio­n.

A brief search of the internet, however, reveals that ‘panty trees’ are a thing, but usually only at a ski resort and not in a snow-less wood near Denton.

The US ski resort of Aspen in Colorado reportedly saw the first ‘panty tree’ erected near a ski lift in the 1970s.

What started as a light-hearted protest at the paucity of female staff at the resort became a bit of a craze at resorts around the world - if not always as part of a protest.

Whatever the motivation is, it seems panty trees have arrived in Denton.

It looks like someone’s washing line has been snapped and blown away Denton Community Facebook Group comment

 ?? ?? Hulmes Wood in Denton, where underwear has been spotted in the trees, inset
Hulmes Wood in Denton, where underwear has been spotted in the trees, inset

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