WORLD EX­CLU­SIVE goal­keep­ing mas­ter­class! England’s No.1 gives Match of the Day mag­a­zine a WHAT’S THE FIRST THING YOU THINK WHEN A BACKPASS AR­RIVES AT YOUR FEET?

Match of the Day - - Motd Interview -


JOR­DAN SAYS: “My brother is six years older than me and when he played in the street I would go out and dive about all over the place – I was a bit daft. We used to play heads and vol­leys!” JOR­DAN SAYS: “I don’t think they look into it that much! I only do it for England and it’s my de­ci­sion where to dive – I might even change it! I knew what Paul Pogba was go­ing to do when he ran up to the ball this sea­son, that’s how I man­aged to save his. His long run-up didn’t put me at a dis­ad­van­tage – it prob­a­bly helped, be­cause I knew not to gam­ble and dive early!” JOR­DAN SAYS: “I re­mem­ber when I was on loan at Al­fre­ton Town but still train­ing at Sun­der­land, so I would drive to the game on the day. When we played New­port away, me and my par­ents had to set off early in the morn­ing and I would have to eat in the car be­cause it took hours. The con­di­tions were aw­ful too! Then we went straight home af­ter the game. I can’t re­mem­ber what the score was – but that’s me all over!” JOR­DAN SAYS: “Who is the clos­est player press­ing me and can I play my Rocket Ball to one of our front three as a long pass? My first thought is: ‘Can I play a long pass rather than a short one?’ Eder­son’s Rocket Ball is qual­ity, isn’t it? If that long ball is on, I’m all over it!” JOR­DAN SAYS: “I’ve got a big bum – I’m not gonna lie. Ha-ha! I’m quite strong in the legs, so of course that might help!” JOR­DAN SAYS: “Get com­fort­able with the ball and get your tech­nique right, be­cause the mus­cle and power will come in time. If you fo­cus on get­ting the tech­nique right now, the power will de­velop and your sidewinder will become more ac­cu­rate and longer!”

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