MATCH gets to know the awesome EVERTON baller!



SIMONE SAYS: “My idol was always David Beckham! I used to be a rightwinge­r back in the day and I was a Man. United fan as a kid so he was my favourite player. I always used to try to “Bend It like Beckham”, as they say. The acting was terrible in that film, by the way, but it was still amazing!”


SIMONE SAYS: “I’d say probably when I signed my profession­al contract at Everton! Obviously I had been here for some time before that but it was never profession­al. Signing that first profession­al contract is a huge deal. When I look back, no one had ever done that before from Northern Ireland so it was such a monumental moment!”


SIMONE SAYS: “I’d say in the semifinal of the FA Cup, when I scored a against Birmingham! I also scored volley against Birmingham last season, which was one of my favourite goals from as I don’t tend to score that many to me outside of the box. The ball came was and I hit it in on the volley so that probably one of the best in my career!”


SIMONE SAYS: “Ilovephoto­graphy! It’s an expensive hobby but I really enjoy going out and taking photos. age, I was interested in it from an early but football was what I always wanted topursue.Ilivebythe­seasidesoI do like to take the camera down if there’sanicesuns­et.NowthatIha­ve my dog, he’s in everything, so I could be a pet photograph­er or something!”


SIMONE SAYS: “Dogs, 100%, because I’ve got a little pug called Paddy – it was his third birthday earlier this year. He’s more famous than me! He’s got Instagram, he’s on TikTok and everything–he’sgot2,000orso followers. I was really hot on it when I first got him, but it’s hard to keep that up. I haven’t got the time!”


SIMONE SAYS: “I would have to say my acoustic guitar. That’s one of my prized possession­s – no one can touch it! I’m notverygoo­dbutIliket­ogiveitago anyway. I used to play back in school and when I went to university I picked it up again and taught myself on YouTube. I was in a school performanc­e once, but I was in the background and strumming very lightly – I wasn’t centre stage!”


SIMONE SAYS: “I love all the Marvel films so I’d probably say The Avengers – especially Endgame! I become such a nerd with all the Marvel stuff. One of the characters is Doctor Strange, who is a wizard that can do pretty much anything. I think he’s probably got the best superpower because he can teleport to wherever he wants to go!”


SIMONE SAYS: “For me it would just be, enjoy playing football! If it’s something that you really want to do, just work hard at it every single day and believe that you’re good enough to go and do it. If you do that, then who knows where it might lead you!”


SIMONE SAYS: “Iliketothi­nkthatI’m some funny sometimes, so I’d maybe do stand-up!Ilovepuns.Here’sajokefor say MATCH readers…What did one flag to the other? Nothing, he just waved!”


SIMONE SAYS: “I’m quite plain with pizzas–Ijustgetpe­pperoni!Orif there’sabarbecue­base,Ilikethose. like But none of this pineapple or stuff it I’ll that. Sweetcorn as well, if it’s on eat it, but I’d never choose it myself!”

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