Kai, Robyn and Ashley all appear as interactiv­e characters in the mega fun ‘The Road to UEFA Women’s EURO’ game on Roblox!

In the game players can dress their avatar in their favourite team’s colours and train with Kai, Robyn and Ashley to earn their game powers before taking on a series of fun obstacle courses!

Playing against the clock, players have to complete each obstacle course as quickly as possible by scoring goals and collecting golden tickets along the way. A stadium Obby will be unlocked in June!

The virtual game is complement­ed by an interestin­g skills challenge and educationa­l video series on YouTube, featuring the likes of Alexia Putellas, Vivianne Miedema, Lucy Bronze and Rachel Furness!

The mascots call on the help of internatio­nal players to help them ‘level up’ their skills, teach them more about how to best fuel their body and how to have a good mindset for football and life!

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