‘I love so­cial me­dia, but some peo­ple talk ut­ter s**t on there’

Our man loves so­cial me­dia, but some key­board clowns take it too far


Ilove so­cial me­dia; I’m never off it. It’s cer­tainly given me some­thing to do over the past year while I’ve been in­jured. It’s a good way to in­ter­act with fans. I like an­swer­ing ques­tions and chat­ting away, it’s good that you can do that.

You get some re­ally nice mes­sages, but there’s some real s**t too; stuff that hurts. I guess it’s easy to stand be­hind your iPhone and say what­ever you want about a per­son with­out think­ing about the con­se­quences.


I haven’t had a lot of it, but I’ve seen oth­ers who have. I get a lot of: ‘You’ve noth­ing left to prove John, you should re­tire, think about your kids and your fam­ily.’ And while ev­ery­one is en­ti­tled to their opin­ion, that cuts pretty deep for me. Are they sug­gest­ing that I don’t think about my kids and fam­ily al­ready? I think about them all the time. I do worry about where we’ll be in five or ten years so those sorts of tweets hurt me a lot. Tap­ping the key­board for five or six sec­onds can go re­ally deep into some­one’s emo­tions. I read an ab­so­lutely sav­age tweet last week to Ryan Far­quhar. It was so hor­ri­ble I won’t tell you what it said. What are these peo­ple think­ing they will achieve? You can’t attack a sports­man like that, es­pe­cially in a dan­ger­ous sport like road rac­ing, es­pe­cially af­ter ev­ery­thing that has hap­pened re­cently. It’s not on. In 2015 I got a lot of s**t on so­cial me­dia, say­ing I was fin­ished, that Dun­lop was go­ing to smoke me and stuff like that. That mo­ti­vated me like mad to go out and win to stick two fin­gers up to the key­board b **** rds. You get 1000 pos­i­tive com­ments but some­times it’s the one neg­a­tive one you dwell on.

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