Dash­cam com­pany de­fends scheme to catch of­fend­ers

New web­site sends road users’ footage straight to the po­lice


A Bri­tish dash­cam firm have launched a web­site with the power to turn a na­tion of mo­torists into vol­un­teer traf­fic of­fi­cers out to get bik­ers. The Or­wellian night­mare is the brain­child of Nextbase, who have said the Na­tional Dash Cam Safety Por­tal gives ‘all road users the power to re­port in­ci­dents of dan­ger­ous driv­ing’. Any­one with a dash­cam can up­load footage to the web­site but Nextbase own­ers can also use an app. From there, the process takes you through an au­to­mated ques­tion­naire that pro­duces a wit­ness state­ment and bang, it dis­ap­pears down the pipe to PC Plod who investigates fur­ther. As vul­ner­a­ble road users, us bik­ers have a keener sense than most for what con­sti­tutes dan­ger­ous driv­ing, and a world where dan­ger­ous driv­ers get caught sooner rather than later sounds great. But we’re not sure that a pri­vate com­pany pass­ing on in­for­ma­tion from 2.6 mil­lion mem­bers of pu­bic armed with dash­cams is the right way to go about it. With driv­ers more dis­tracted than ever, it’s com­mon for a driver to first re­alise you’re there when you’ve over­taken them, pre­sum­ably when you ‘came out of nowhere at great speed’.

This soft­ware now gives sim­ple ac­cess for eas­ily-spooked driv­ers to up­load videos of bik­ers and en­cour­ages a peev­ish at­ti­tude to driv­ing, where you can hand in­for­ma­tion to the po­lice to get even. Need­less to say, Nextbase dis­agree. “It is im­por­tant to note that we are not ask­ing driv­ers to go out and

‘Safe rid­ers have noth­ing to worry about’ NEXTBASE’S RICHARD BROWNING

‘shop’ other road users for small trans­gres­sions,” says Richard Browning, Di­rec­tor at Nextbase. “The Por­tal is de­signed so a driver or rider who sees a se­ri­ous in­ci­dent of dan­ger­ous driv­ing that puts other lives at risk can act upon it.

“To en­sure that this doesn’t re­sult in need­less sub­mis­sion of videos, the first thing a user must do is com­mit to tes­ti­fy­ing in court if re­quired. “Since those who drive safely have noth­ing to worry about, we do hope that the Por­tal can act as a de­ter­rent for the most dan­ger­ous of the na­tion’s driv­ers, which, in turn, will make UK roads safer.”

Users who sub­mit their own footage will need to com­mit to tes­ti­fy­ing in court Richard Browning runs Nextbase, which will send sub­mit­ted videos di­rectly to the po­lice

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