DXR Over-Sea 60-litre roll bag £29.99


Tester Bruce Dunn, two months 1000 miles At 60 litres, this is a huge bag easily ca­pa­ble of swal­low­ing a cou­ple of days’ clothes as well as a spare set of tex­tile kit. Luck­ily it comes with two com­pres­sion straps which help to squeeze the size down when on the bike, and which can also be used to con­vert the bag into a ruck­sack. The outer ma­te­rial is se­ri­ously tough, and I es­pe­cially like the patch of ex­tra hard­wear­ing ma­te­rial at the op­po­site end to the open­ing, al­low­ing you to stand the bag up­right when it’s off the bike. With welded seams, it’s so far been com­pletely wa­ter­proof, although the slightly rough fin­ish to the ma­te­rial does mean that it’s a bit of a dirt mag­net. The eight plas­tic D-rings are se­curely fixed to the bag and make fit­ting fairly easy, re­sult­ing in a firm, se­cure mount­ing. It’s fan­tas­tic value for such a well-made and ca­pa­cious bag.

Qual­ity +++++Value ★★★★★ www.sports­bikeshop.com

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