Spada Dry Roll Bag 40 £39.99


Tester Justin Hayzelden, one month 1350 miles

This 40-litre Chi­nese-made roll bag from Spada comes in black or day­glo yel­low, and has four loops and a D-ring to make strap­ping and car­ry­ing a bit eas­ier. It’s as big as you’d want on a bike; easily large enough to swal­low warm clothes, shoes, cam­era and books for a night or two. It feels a bit lighter than oth­ers I’ve used, but the ma­te­rial is tough and can be wiped clean easily. The de­sign ap­pears to be com­pletely wa­ter­proof, es­pe­cially as it fea­tures welded seams, and so far hasn’t let in any rain wa­ter. The only down­side is the roll-top open­ing at the end is a lit­tle nar­row and makes it tricky to get items in and out, es­pe­cially when it’s still at­tached to the bike. At £40 it’s de­cent value. Qual­ity +++++Value ★★★★★ www.feri­

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