Givi EA11BR soft bag £42


Tester Ben Clarke, one month 1000 miles I ab­so­lutely love this roll bag from Givi. It’ll take 30 litres worth of stuff, but is flex­i­ble enough to use for much lighter loads too. It straps easily and se­curely to the bike with bungee straps, and kept my stuff dry through two hours of tor­ren­tial Welsh rain. It took me a few trips to find the op­ti­mal mount­ing tech­nique, but I set­tled on thread­ing the bungees through the pil­lion grab-rail on my SV650. Be­cause the bag has plas­tic eye­lets to run its straps through, it will stay put how­ever lit­tle you pack in­side. The eye­lets them­selves seem re­ally tough and well made; even the carry strap that comes with the bag is stur­dier than I ex­pected. The only thing I would add is a belt strap to roll the bag tighter when it is par­tially full, but that’s just nit-pick­ing. Qual­ity +++++Value ★★★★★

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