Yamaha MT-09 SP and Du­cati Scram­bler 1100 Sport

So what does a year’s heavy use­age re­ally set you back you on an MT-09 SP?

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Six thou­sand miles on Yamaha’s MT-09 through the best bik­ing sum­mer for a gen­er­a­tion has, un­der­stand­ably, been a joy. With the kind of brawny, off-beat power de­liv­ery that some­how works in ev­ery sit­u­a­tion, the SP has despatched ev­ery­thing from the daily com­mute to 900 miles of Land’s End to John O’Groats in a day, to track­days. In fact, it’s been so im­pres­sive that dur­ing this time I’ve only done 600 miles on my own R1. In my opin­ion, for ev­ery­thing aside from very fast track rid­ing, bikes like the SP make more sense to own than a sports­bike.

But while my clas­sic R1 goes up in value by a larger amount than I pay for in­sur­ance and ser­vic­ing each year, a new bike isn’t quite the same. So, what does a bril­liant year’s bik­ing re­ally cost on a brand-new MT-09 SP?

De­pre­ci­a­tion £1999

Back in April, the SP’s list price was £8999. And now, six months later, sim­i­lar age lowmileage used bikes are sell­ing for £8000 in deal­ers. How­ever, my mileage isn’t low, so I’d ad­ver­tise it pri­vately at £7000 and hope for a £6500 trade-in deal at a dealer.

Fuel £670.42

Over the last 5895 miles the MT-09 has av­er­aged 50.3mpg; im­pres­sive con­sid­er­ing that in­cludes fast week­end rides, three track­days and lots of town work. On a long mo­tor­way run hov­er­ing at the speed limit it’ll see al­most 60mpg. In­ci­den­tally, petrol prices have gone up from 121.4p/litre in April to 130.6/litre at the end of Oc­to­ber. The bike used 162 litres of fuel for the 1802 miles I cov­ered from my house to Land’s End, then to John O’Groats and back to my house, cost­ing £208.

Con­sum­ables £594.29

Tyres are the main ex­pense here. The OE Bridge­stone S20s were square by 1500 miles and re­placed by Miche­lin Power RS (£280 fit­ted) which lasted more than 3000 miles, be­fore be­ing re­placed by Pirelli’s Di­ablo Rosso Corsa 2s (£305 fit­ted). I also tried some Dun­lop SportS­mart TTs, but haven’t counted these as an ex­pense be­cause it was part of a sep­a­rate tyre test.

The SP has used no oil at all over that time and the brake pads still have life in them de­spite 6000 miles and three track­days. Chain and sprock­ets are wear­ing well, with Mo­tul C2 chain lube (£9.29) do­ing a good job.

Dam­age £373

The MT-09 got knocked over while parked. The dam­age was: £163 crank­case cover, £80 oil pump cover, £24 in­di­ca­tor, £57 front brake lever and £49 right-hand mir­ror. That’s £373 and, if you go to a dealer, at least an hour to fit them all.

Ser­vic­ing £298

The SP is due its 6000-mile ser­vice which in­cludes an all-over check, oil and fil­ter re­place­ment and di­ag­nos­tic check, cost­ing £199. Its pre­vi­ous ser­vice was at 600 miles, where the oil and fil­ter were changed at a cost of £99.

In­sur­ance £144

The rel­a­tively low in­sur­ance group for the SP is a big saver here and in com­par­i­son a new R1 would cost £377 for the year. Prices are from mc­n­com­pare.com and are based on my own cir­cum­stances, so that’s a 38-year-old liv­ing in Cam­bridgeshire with a full li­cence for 20 years, four years no claims and three points on his li­cence.

Grand to­tal £4078.71 Less de­pre­ci­a­tion £2079.71

Ig­nor­ing de­pre­ci­a­tion, the fig­ure is ac­tu­ally quite palat­able and could be re­duced fur­ther still. My tyre choice fit­ted my fast group track­day needs, but if you’d re­placed the OE tyres with a set of de­cent sports tour­ing rub­ber and didn’t go on track­days they’d still be go­ing strong. Then, ig­nor­ing the dam­age, you’re look­ing at £1401.71 for 6000 life-af­firm­ing miles.

So the MT-09 SP re­ally is one of the best­value new bikes around.

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