Rossi’s Yamaha woes con­tinue


Valentino Rossi has ex­pressed con­cerns that Yamaha’s prob­lems are far from over de­spite his team-mate Mav­er­ick Viñales be­ing se­ri­ously up­beat af­ter the test. With the Spa­niard fin­ish­ing in third and adamant the prob­lems they faced are be­hind them with a new en­gine, Rossi was much more re­served in his com­ments as he fin­ished the test a dis­tant 11th. “From what I feel, the new en­gine doesn’t make a lot of dif­fer­ence. If you com­pare our level and our speed to the other top guys, it’s the same gap as last year. We haven’t made a big step, and the prob­lems are the same as they were last year. In the over­all clas­si­fi­ca­tion I’m on the back be­cause I didn’t make a time at­tack, but if you con­cen­trate on the pace we’re not very fast and the top guys are go­ing faster.”

Rossi says Yamaha’s woes aren’t over

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