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- Isaac Williams, Editor

If lockdown was about simplifyin­g your exercise routine and taking things back to basics – running, press-ups and baked beans bicep curls – this issue we’re celebratin­g new, revolution­ary and, crucially, fun tness ideas. Because while there’s something to be said for old-school, tried-and-tested methods, there is also plenty of innovation to get excited about. Take the rise of virtual-reality gaming, for example, which has gone from future-gazing fantasy a decade or so ago, to today’s range of readily available products that can transport you to the boxing ring or deep space from the comfort of your own front room. On page 36 we explore the new crop of exercise-oriented VR games that combine out-of-this-world escapism with genuine tness bene ts.

From VR to AR, on page 42 we turn our attention to the augmented-reality apps that convert real-world activity into digital progress. While you’re unlikely to get jacked playing Pokemon Go, or hit a 5k PB with Zombies, Run! this gami cation of exercise is designed to get you out the house and on the move.

But if it’s serious training inspiratio­n you’re after, our cover feature on page 28 should be your rst port of call. ere, James Gri ths, founder of Wild Training gym, explains his all-encompassi­ng tness philosophy. In short, if you want to force progress and realise your potential, Wild Training’s skills-based approach will introduce you to methods you didn’t even know existed. In the process, says Gri ths, you will develop power, stamina and control – and a lean, balanced physique to boot.

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