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Wild Training

Inside the gym that embraces every training system under the sun


At last count, there were more than 7,000 gyms in the UK, most of them o ering a variation on the weights room and cardio corner set-up.

ere’s nothing wrong with that tried-andtested tness model, and there’s clearly plenty of demand for bench pressing and treadmill running, but to make a name for yourself in the gym game you need to o er something di erent: a training philosophy that breaks the mould and promises a new level of personal improvemen­t.

In Unit 15, just o the M40 in High Wycombe, the reigning ‘Best Gym in Buckingham­shire’ is providing just that. Housed in a sprawling three-storey, 100-square-foot space complete with a 700-metre tunnel directly underneath the adjacent motorway, Wild Training is all about introducin­g members to a huge array of methods: utilising the most bene cial aspects of calistheni­cs, Strongman, combat sports, dance, aerial gymnastics, Olympic rings and more.


Founded by James Gri ths – whose CV includes the highest altitude workout ever completed, 1,000 24kg kettlebell snatches in under an hour, and the title of South England’s Strongest Man Under 80kg 2018 – Wild Training is a veritable playground for

tness enthusiast­s, and an element of fun is central to Gri ths’ founding ethos.

“Our aim is to at least introduce people to all the systems of training we o er,” he says. “You’re not going to enjoy everything we do – that would be crazy to think – but by showing you everything, you are going to nd something that properly excites you.

at can then be your foundation that gives you a reason to be here.

“Everything about Wild Training is very colourful. We have a lot of stu going on here, and that makes it exciting. It doesn’t matter who walks through the door, we know that we will have something they probably haven’t tried before, which is going to be relevant to their tness levels. People don’t just like our gym, they love it. Even people who have been in tness for a long time get genuinely excited about training again, maybe after they had lost their passion for it.”


Performanc­e-driven goals are also central to the Wild Training philosophy. Sure,

you want to look good, but Gri ths argues that too much focus on aesthetics can be demotivati­ng and unsustaina­ble. Skills, on the other hand, can always be honed and improved, providing neverendin­g opportunit­y for progressio­n and achievemen­t. And without even thinking about it, that dream physique will develop along the way.

“‘I don’t want to be fat’, or ‘I want a six-pack’ are crap goals that aren’t going to make you happy,” Gri ths argues. “So we help people structure their training around physical challenges and abilities, because it’s so much easier to get excited about that kind of stu . And by the time you can do, say, a ‘meat hook’ on the Olympic rings, the chances are you’ve got some abs anyway!”


Wild Training aims to puts paid to the idea that one system of tness is better than another. Gri ths’ philosophy says there are equally valuable skills and techniques to be learned from Cirque du Soleil performers to Muay ai ghters, strongmen to yogis and every athlete in-between, and challengin­g yourself across a broad range of discipline­s is going to force physical adaptation­s unachievab­le with a single-system approach.

“e tness industry is very polarised,” says Gri ths. “People tend to stick with one style of training and believe that’s the only way to do things. With Wild Training we want to show people there isn’t one best way to keep t: each system has its own merits and the greatest results come from trying out multiple forms of tness. Personally, I’ve always seen the best results from bringing them all together.”

“By showing you alL the systems of training we ofFer, you are going to find something that properly excites you”

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 ??  ?? Silk Skills: Wild Training founder James Griffiths demonstrat­es aerial silks
Silk Skills: Wild Training founder James Griffiths demonstrat­es aerial silks
 ??  ?? The focus is on honing skills and physical ability – but you’ll pick up some muscle along the way
The focus is on honing skills and physical ability – but you’ll pick up some muscle along the way

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