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Getting t will never be easy. e work will always be the work. But if technology has anything to do with it, workouts in the not-too-distant future will be more fun, more focused and more e ective. e COVID-19 lockdown demonstrat­ed the power and potential of remote training, but studio sessions in your home are just the start. From gami ed virtual-reality exercise experience­s, to arti cially intelligen­t coaching, we’re at the start of a tness revolution changing the way we train.


The Wattbike is a popular weapon in the war on comfort zones, and the 2020 incarnatio­n of the Atom – the more home and wallet-friendly ride – is closer to a future where the indoor training experience better mimics grinding the high gears on your nearest climbs.

The fundamenta­ls remain: the overall design, weight and footprint is exactly the same, at 40kg and 100cm x 50cm. But an electromag­netic resistance motor makes for a smoother and more realistic road-feel ride, with quicker and crisper automatic and manual resistance changes. It’s easy to move with precision through the 22 gears, while flywheel and crank-angle sensors read data 1,000 times per second for pinpoint accuracy.

The 0-25 per cent gradient provides as much pain as you’re willing to suffer, and wrecking your quads on the virtual hills in smart training worlds like Zwift and Trainer Road is simple with full connectivi­ty ANT+, Bluetooth and FE-C support. You have to bring your own screen, but there’s a built-in handlebar stand that makes locking on a smartphone or tablet a cinch.

Unlike some, the Atom comes prebuilt and practicall­y ready to ride out of the box, with a wonderfull­y simple four-step set-up. Tweaking the cycling position is easy, with thankfully very little wielding of allen keys. You can also add your own pedals and handlebars to customise your ride.

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