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Freetrain provides a secure space and easy access for your phone while you work out


In a major oversight, whoever invented running didn’t think about where you could put your phone. Solutions have cropped up in the form of arm holders and waist belts, but these can be cumbersome and difficult to access for mid-run song changes or time-checks. Which is where Freetrain comes in.

It’s a training vest that takes the faff out of carrying your phone when you exercise – to which some might say, “Don’t carry your phone when you exercise,” but that’s neither practical nor safe a lot of the time.

Simply pull the vest over your head and pop your phone in the flip-down chest pocket. A few more practical touches are provided by the adjustable waistband, pockets for your keys and built-in cash/card holders.

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 ??  ?? Freetrain V1 Vest £29.99,
Freetrain V1 Vest £29.99,

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