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Turn your body into a strong, durable, fat-burning furnace with this five-day split from former Royal Marines physical training instructor Sean Lerwill


For all-round fitness, special forces like the British Navy’s Royal Marine commandos are second to none. The average Royal Marine may not be able to bench or squat much more than the seasoned gym-goer, or run a marathon faster than most, but they fare exceptiona­lly well in CrossFit-type activities. Their cardio and muscular endurance abilities are first-rate, not to mention their mental resilience – crafted during commando training and coming to the fore when workout demands are high. That all boils down to being able to work at a consistent­ly high intensity – and intensity is key to any transforma­tion programme.

This type of training may not get you bodybuilde­r muscle or powerlifte­r strength, but you will get leaner, stronger and a hell of a lot more durable.

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