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New Year Training Tips


Expert advice to make 2021 your fittest year yet

Improve every facet of your fitness in 2021 with expert advice to maximise your potential

We all know the New Year drill: bold health and fitness goals for the months ahead that, for many, never come to fruition. Whether that’s a drop in body fat or overcoming a weights-room plateau, it’s easy for best-laid training plans to fizzle away as January motivation fades. Luckily, there is a better way to set yourself up for a year of health and fitness gains, by using this time to take a step back and make some key adjustment­s. Focusing on a few fundamenta­ls can help you reap long-term rewards. These areas of improvemen­t encompass far more than how many times you head to the gym, and having a holistic approach is essential to making great leaps toward your training goals. Here, we speak to leading experts across a range of discipline­s to find out the fundamenta­ls you need to focus on this year.

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