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Originally designed to help diabetics manage blood-sugar levels, these skin-worn biosensors can now help anyone optimise their nutrition and fuelling. Each sensor injects a thin filament under the skin, using interstiti­al fluid from around the cells to measure real-time glucose levels. The live readings can reveal when to fuel, what your body responds to best, and which lifestyle factors – like sleep and stress – affect your blood sugar levels outside of workouts. The sensors are easy and painless to apply, and comfortabl­e enough to wear, though the idea of inserting something under the skin takes a little getting used to. Each sensor lasts for up to 14 days and your readings sync via NFC to the partner app with a tap of your phone. They’re not cheap, but you can use them for short periods intermitte­ntly to learn about your own glucose responses. HACK From €130, supersapie­

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