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Running’s a Marmite sport: some love it, some avoid it all costs. But adding it into your training doesn’t mean you need to slog out mile after mile every week. Omar Mansour, personal trainer and co-founder of Track Life LDN, is a staunch advocate of running for allround tness. “Not only is it one of the best exercises for the heart and lungs,” he says, “but it strengthen­s the legs, core and even some of the upper body.” And the good news is that to gain the bene ts of running, you don’t need to make big adjustment­s to your training plan. “For a total beginner,” says Mansour, “after just a fortnight, noticeable changes can be seen from running twice a week for around 30 minutes. Increase the duration or intensity of runs every four weeks – but by no more than ten per cent – to ensure that tness levels don’t plateau.” e key to getting the best out of your running is consistenc­y. “If you are stopping and starting your training every week,” says Mansour, “you might see limited improvemen­ts. Use di erent styles of running and mix up terrains and routes. Try hill, trail, track, and even beach runs to keep things interestin­g.”

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