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Physio Andrew Goodall’s go-to stretches

‘WORLD’S GREATEST STRETCH’ To open the hips, mobilise the thoracic spine and improve range of motion.

• Step your left foot towards the outside of your left hand. • Move your left elbow inside towards your left foot, then continue the movement by moving your left hand outside of your left foot.

• Rotate and reach towards the ceiling.

• Return to the start and switch sides.

PIGEON STRETCH For opening the hips and improving flexibilit­y.

• Lie on a mat, with one leg bent and flat in front of you and the other leg stretched out straight behind you. • Once stable, bring the weight of your body down on your front leg and try to keep your hips square. • Relax, and breathe into the stretch. • Once you’ve hit 30 seconds or more, slowly bring yourself back up and repeat on the other side.

HIP FLEXOR STRETCH Opens the hips, while reducing tension in the quads and hip flexors.

• Begin in a kneeling position, then bring your right foot forward so that your right knee is directly above your right ankle.

• At the same time extend your left leg behind you so that your left knee is behind your left hip and the top of your foot is on the ground.

• For a deeper stretch, drive your knee into the ground.

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