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For something as simple as getting into bed and shutting your eyes, sleep is one of the main problem areas for consistent progress. If you’re not getting enough quality rest, you could be severely hampering your developmen­t. According to Dr Irshaad Ebrahim of e London Sleep Centre, exercise and sleep are a hand-in-glove relationsh­ip. “If you take someone who has exercised for an hour in the day,” Dr Ebrahim explains, “that night they will have more deep restorativ­e sleep. It’s within non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep where tissue regenerati­on and the growth and repair occurs.” If that balance is lost, however, it can have a dangerous e ect on your ability to train and improve. “Overexerci­sing,” Dr. Ebrahim explains, “is where you tip the balance and start utilising reserves you do not have.” When that happens, the body’s ability to grow, develop and strengthen muscles is hampered. One thing that can help ensure optimum sleep time is removing electronic devices. “Avoid technology an hour prior to going to bed and half an hour after you wake up,” says Dr. Ebrahim. “Give yourself that window of tech-free downtime.”

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