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You know that having a good diet is essential for optimum health and a good level of fitness, but getting it right can seem a complex process. In short, a good diet for performanc­e should provide enough energy for you to meet the demands of your training, as well as the correct nutrients to kickstart appropriat­e recovery.

“Consuming foods containing simple sugars and/ or saturated fat will just give you a short sharp spike of energy and then a reduction, leaving you fatigued or sluggish, and negatively affecting your training and mental health,” says dietitian and British Dietetic Associatio­n spokespers­on Hannah Whittaker.

“Food preparatio­n is a brilliant way to ensure that you don’t grab foods that will not benefit your training,” Whittaker explains. “Don’t drasticall­y change your diet overnight, as you’re likely to relapse very quickly. Ask yourself, are your goals realistic? Don’t aim for perfection; aim for consistenc­y.”

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