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SERVES 2-3 Dim sum wraps, 10 Pork loin, 50g, sliced Prawns, 50g, peeled and chopped A car­rot, thinly sliced Shi­itake mush­rooms, 10g, sliced Yam bean, 50g, chopped Gar­lic, ½ large clove Salt and pep­per to taste METHOD Stir-fry the en­ergy-boost­ing pork loin with the gar­lic in an oiled pan for about 10 min­utes. Add the prawns af­ter five min­utes and the mush­rooms for the fi­nal 60 sec­onds. Fuel up by boil­ing the carb-rich yam bean for five min­utes, along with the car­rot. Once cooked, fill the wraps, clos­ing them in a half-moon shape and fry­ing on one side for 90 sec­onds to add some bite.

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