Hours bent over your desk will leave you with bad pos­ture and a weak core. You won’t see your abs un­til you iron out the kinks, says PT David Birtwistle

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THE DI­AG­NO­SIS Ex­ag­ger­ated Kypho­sis BY WHICH WE MEAN Your shoul­ders are hunched

FIX IT Boost your mo­bil­ity to help your abs pop. Lie with your knees bent, a foam roller across your shoul­ders be­neath you and a bar held be­hind your head. As you push with your legs, push the roller down your back and up again for three min­utes. Feel the stretch.

THE DI­AG­NO­SIS Scapular Pro­trac­tion BY WHICH WE MEAN Your pecs are in knots

FIX IT Re­leas­ing your tight pecs will im­prove your pos­ture, giv­ing you a flat­ter stom­ach. Align the roller with your spine. Lower your hips to stretch your abs. Grab two light dumb­bells be­hind your head for 30 sec­onds, then arc them around to your hips and hold again. Re­peat.

THE DI­AG­NO­SIS Hyper­lor­do­sis BY WHICH WE MEAN Tight hips and weak abs

FIX IT Use this to stretch out your abs and hips, short­ened by hours at your desk. In a lunge po­si­tion, with one knee on the floor, tilt your pelvis un­der and slowly push your hips for­ward, squeez­ing your glutes and lift­ing your arms over­head. Do five slow pulses, breath­ing out as you push for­ward.

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