Veni­son Scotch Eggs

Men's Health (UK) - - Eat Healthyish When One Is Not An Oeuf - By Josh Eg­gle­ton at Pony & Trap, Bris­tol


Quail’s eggs, 8 A shal­lot, finely minced Veni­son mince, 160g Pork mince, 60g Ground mace, pinch Fresh thyme leaves, 1tsp, chopped Fresh sage, 1tbsp, chopped Flour, 100g Hen’s eggs, 2, beaten Panko bread­crumbs, 150g


Quail’s eggs have a high yolk-to-white ra­tio, giv­ing you a con­cen­trated hit of vi­ta­mins A and D. Boil for two min­utes and 20 sec­onds, cool, then peel.

Cook the shal­lots in a knob of but­ter, trans­fer to a bowl and com­bine with the zinc-rich, testos­teronelift­ing minces, mace and herbs. Di­vide into eight, flat­ten and place an egg in each cen­tre, mould­ing the mix­ture around it.

Roll each one in the flour, the beaten egg, then the panko. Re­frig­er­ate for 20 min­utes, then deep-fry two at a time (in oil heated to 180°C) for five min­utes. Serve with pic­calilli. En­joy.

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