Har­vest the health ben­e­fits of the sea’s most op­u­lent trea­sure and en­joy a sybaritic, nu­tri­tious del­i­cacy from the com­fort of your own home

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Lean and nu­tri­ent-rich, oys­ters are a wor­thy ad­di­tion to your meal prep. Time to shell out


The oys­ter tops MH’S uber-food list for good rea­son. Low calo­rie and high pro­tein, it con­tains na­ture’s most po­tent health en­hancers – zinc, potas­sium, se­le­nium and iron. Bet­ter still, the finest are sus­tain­ably farmed in the UK: “The wa­ters sur­round­ing the Bri­tish Isles cleanse our oys­ters, giv­ing them a unique pu­rity,” says oys­ter au­thor­ity Jeremy Lee of Lon­don’s Quo Vadis. “They are a ver­i­ta­ble lux­ury.” Take ad­van­tage of these pearls of wis­dom.


As with meat and veg­eta­bles, you should aim to buy the high­est-qual­ity oys­ters your bud­get will al­low. Waitrose sells them for around 80p each, but a fish­mon­ger can source you lo­cal va­ri­eties – given you pro­vide ad­e­quate no­tice. Store the oys­ters in the bot­tom of your fridge, the round side of the shell fac­ing down to avoid leak­ing juice. When you’re ready to dish them up, grip each one firmly in the palm of your hand – a Carl Mertens stain­less steel mesh oys­ter glove (£ 190 will stop you slic­ing an artery – and insert a Wusthof oys­ter knife (£ 35 sim­ply­oys­ into the hinge, or pointed end of the shell. Twist in the knife and, once se­curely in place, prise open to sever the oys­ter’s ad­duc­tor mus­cle. You’ll hear a “shuck­ing” noise as the top and bot­tom shells part. And, yes, it should feel sat­is­fy­ing.


Once your bi­valves are open, loosen each oys­ter from its shell to make it eas­ier to tip them into your mouth. Now, dress them with your choice of Lee’s adorn­ments and sit them atop a plat­ter – or tray of ice, if you’re one for show­ing off. Then all that’s left to do is get the sea’s own sports nu­tri­tion sup­ple­ment down the hatch and smile.

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