Let MH Lab re­veal the best new juicers to blend se­ri­ous ben­e­fits into your hy­dra­tion plan. They’re worth a spin

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Peak juice hit in 2010. Lu­l­ule­mon acolytes would saunter out of the Pi­lates stu­dio and reach for their go-to green con­coc­tion, the lat­est way to cram in more vi­ta­mins – the £5 price tag be damned. Since then, how­ever, the bub­ble has burst, punc­tured by con­cerns about sugar and an in­sa­tiable thirst for pro­tein. By 2020, 100 mil­lion litres of liq­ue­fied good­ness are ex­pected to be wiped off the mar­ket. Ev­ery­thing has turned slightly sour.

But the rise of cold-press juicers is turn­ing the tide. These new ma­chines di­rect more fi­brous pulp into your glass, off­set­ting many of sugar’s neg­a­tives while aid­ing weight loss. Mean­while, a study from Port­land State Univer­sity found that even drinkers of old-school green juices trend to­wards a health­ier waist-to-hip ra­tio and bet­ter di­ges­tive health. So, it’s time we wel­comed juice back into our nu­tri­tion plans.

To es­tab­lish which ma­chines truly de­liver on their healthen­hanc­ing prom­ise, MH Lab in­vited the ex­perts of the Good House­keep­ing In­sti­tute to blitz their way through the best on the mar­ket. Berries were blasted and car­rots were crushed to re­veal the kit wor­thy of a place on your coun­ter­top. Here we present the pick of the bunch.

SPIN DOC­TOR 78/100 Braun Spin Juicer J300 £115 braun­house­hold.com •••••••••• Per­for­mance •••••••••• De­sign •••••••••• Ease of use PREP RALLY Lazy men, re­joice: the Braun’s feeder tube can fit three whole ap­ples, so there’s no need to cut or core them. The J300 can process up to 5kg of fruit at a time, but it’s hard to know when it needs emp­ty­ing – watch out for spillages. EX­PERT VER­DICT The best of the con­ven­tional juicers, this ex­celled with ap­ples and did re­spectably with berries, though it strug­gled with legumes. The noise lev­els may be too loud for early morn­ings; thanks to the large ca­pac­ity, how­ever, this model’s spe­cial­ity is bulk blitz­ing for three days of juice. MI­CRO MA­CHINE 85/100 Ken­wood Pure­juice JMP601WH £220 ken­wood­world.com •••••••••• Per­for­mance •••••••••• De­sign •••••••••• Ease of use POCKET ROCKET The Pure­juice packs a pow­er­ful punch: it’s a cold-press juicer, so it crushes (rather than spins) the fruit and veg. It comes with a recipe book and a sor­bet at­tach­ment, mak­ing it a good choice for the more ad­ven­tur­ous. EX­PERT VER­DICT Though the feed­ing tube is a lit­tle nar­row, no more than a gen­tle nudge was re­quired when in­sert­ing the in­gre­di­ents. This com­pact, el­e­gantly de­signed model ex­tracted an im­pres­sive amount of juice, while the ex­cess pulp was neatly sep­a­rated for easy dis­posal. The berry hopper on top of the tube is a use­ful ad­di­tion.

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