In­sta­gram star Obi Vin­cent fuses Crossfit with heavy lift­ing for ex­tra­or­di­nary re­sults. Build on his ex­am­ple

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Obi Vin­cent has al­ways been big. But be­fore he de­vel­oped his su­per­hu­man pecs, he was, well, very over­weight. His love of his fam­ily’s fried Nige­rian din­ners left him “big, but in all the right places” – or so he told him­self at the time.

Vin­cent’s jour­ney from teenage TV ad­dict to fit­ness super-in­flu­encer has been di­rected by mo­ments of re­al­i­sa­tion, the first of which came at his first job. Stung by a col­league’s joke about his weight, he started “run­ning around the lo­cal fields”. (“I was too self-con­scious to be out on the roads,” Vin­cent ex­plains.) He over­hauled his nu­tri­tion, too, opt­ing for an ex­tremely re­stric­tive diet. “I was clue­less, and it wasn’t ex­actly healthy, but it worked. I lost nearly 20kg,” he says.

Down from XXL to M, Vin­cent had his sec­ond epiphany. “I saw a man in a club with huge mus­cles and de­cided there and then I wanted to look like him,” says Vin­cent. The next day, he joined a gym and put an end to the aim­less car­dio. As with his early di­et­ing, how­ever, Vin­cent was un­ortho­dox. “I was a typ­i­cal bro trainer,” he re­calls. “I worked on my chest and arms and hated legs.” But when a per­sonal trainer sug­gested tak­ing body­build­ing se­ri­ously, Vin­cent went all in. “Cru­cially, I started to learn about nu­tri­tion – macros and daily ex­pen­di­ture,” he says. “I went from lean to shred­ded.”

But then he got found out. “I did a Youtube video pit­ting body­build­ing against Crossfit,” says Vin­cent. “I was sup­posed to be an ath­lete, but I just couldn’t keep up.” So came Vin­cent’s fi­nal awak­en­ing and his shift to “Crosslift­ing” – his ver­sa­tile train­ing sys­tem, which com­bines body­build­ing, flex­i­bil­ity and en­durance. It’s an ad­mis­sion that work­ing out to look good is OK – we all do it – but it shouldn’t be the sole fo­cus. After years of trial and er­ror, Vin­cent has fi­nally found the sweet spot. It’s sim­ple and prag­matic and, as you can see, it damn well works.


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